Thu. 17 October 2019 – 20:15
Luke Deane

Historical Portraits and Fanfares: Liszt/Kamphuis/Svirsky

An evening of musical affirmations of friendship

An evening of musical affirmations of friendship.

For Franz Liszt, the remembrance of friends who had died, his son-in-law Richard Wagner, and the founders of the Hungarian national state and culture.

For us, in the twilight of the nation state and national cultures, and seemingly poised to overlook the actual end of history, we remind ourselves of what it means to share this time on earth together, to conspire (breathe together).

Leo Svirsky piano, componist
Jeromos Kamphuis piano, componist

Leo Svirsky (b. 1988, USA) is a composer, improviser, pianist and accordionist living in The Hague. His work explores how the instability of listening itself transforms the perception of musical semantics and affect. Disorientations of memory and spatial awareness are nevertheless bounded by a rootedness in song and story. He recently released his third solo album 'River without Banks' to great critical acclaim.

Jeromos Kamphuis (1990, NL) is a composer based in The Hague, who formally studied at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and privately with Jürg Frey and Antoine Beuger. He is seeking 'new-ancient words' in music, and in this vein recently created a midrash on Wagner's Parsifal. The recording of his fanfares is forthcoming on Edition Wandelweiser Records.

'Where sparse, delicate chords evoke a sense of serenity. Like Svirsky, the titular Kamphuis also lives in the Hague and has studied under composer Antoine Beuger; the track feels like a small but heartfelt celebration of their friendship.' -Pitchfork on Fanfare (after Jeromos Kamphuis)