Wed. 2 November 2022 – 20:00

Mancha Mancha!

Don Quixote, Part III: a slapstick opera for 2 baritones and 2 pianists

Don Quixote is back! After venturing out into the world to battle injustice in Part I (1605), and dying after many an adventure in Part II (1615), the legendary knight errant rises from the dead in Part III: “Mancha Mancha!” (2022). And he’s extremely cranky. Quixote, the old idealist, has become totally frustrated. Battle-weary, disillusioned, and embittered he appears before us. He’s totally had it. Education, healthcare, the banking system, renewable energy, contemporary classical music — it all has ended in spectacular failure according to the Don.

Together with his sidekick Sancho Panza he criticises today’s consumerist society, and longs for days long past, when he roamed the world to right its wrongs. He is too old, tired and cranky for that now. All he can do is grumble. At the politicians, the farmers, the managers, the concertgoers who really only want to hear Schubert songs. “Mancha Mancha!” is madcap music theatre about a man who has lost all his ideals, and perhaps his mind as well. At the same time the conventions which rule the concert halls are brutally broken, and play and reality chase each others’ tail. And it’s about love too. O, Dulcinea!

Henk Neven and Mattijs van de Woerd, baritones
Hans Eijsackers and Maarten van Veen, pianos
Patrick van Deurzen, composition
Ernest van der Kwast and Jules Terlingen, libretto
Jos Groenier, mise en scène

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