Mon. 10 May 2021 – 20:30
Sarah Jeffery


Art-rock strikes back!

Your favourite art-rock, post-pop, genre-bending back Jerboah is BACK! During the lockdowns we hid away, writing new songs, practising our scales and ordering too many electronic gadgets to play around with. Now we're bursting back onto the stage with a new set list to share!

"Possibly this is what the traffic intersection of the future looks like: All possible kinds of vehicles on the road, no traffic lights, no guardrails, no speed limit - and no accidents! ... little aliens driving by on the highways of Avant-garde and Anarchy. Recorders rock! Such energy!" Günter Moseler - Wedtfälische Nachrichten

“The audience was surprised in the beginning, nearly not believing that this instrumentation could be so powerful. Jerboah is an example of practised and musical biodiversity. This is how recorders can sound like” // Sieben48 (DE)

Sarah Jeffery: vocals, recorder
Dodó Kis: EWI-bass, recorder, vocals
Guillermo Celano: guitar
Marcos Baggiani: drums, vocals