Wed. 6 October 2021 – 20:30
Luke Deane

Dante Boon presenteert: Cage, Stone, Boon, Eastman

Composer/pianist Dante Boon presents Cage, Eastman, and Sophie Stone, as well as his own music.

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In this programme, composer / pianist Dante Boon presents works by John Cage, Julius Eastman, the young British composer Sophie Stone, as well as his own music. You’ll hear "Variations III", a work for variable instrumentation composed by Cage in 1963, in which the environment (sound, even light) also plays a role. In addition, "One5", one of several pieces from Cage's late period and composed in the month and year in which, under very unfortunate circumstances, Julius Eastman died in New York. "Piano 2" was later discovered among Eastman's papers, and was released only a few years ago. It is a very associative work, in which new motifs appear and disappear, and Chopin also chimes in for a moment.

Dante Boon wrote "Dreamings" on behalf of a music-lover who asked him to write a piano piece that he himself would like to play, with the year 2020 as the theme. He borrowed the title from the thousand years old, religious-historical-philosophical-geographical system of the original residents of Australia, in which family ties - geographically as well as generationally - play a major role. As Morton Feldman later wrote, after a meeting with Heinrich Heine in Paris: “I saw him. Then I went back to my place and wrote my work, I Met Heine on the Rue Fürstenberg. They are not dead. They are with me.” In "Amalgamations", Sophie Stone creates connecting paths between acoustic phenomena, inside and outside of the piano. With each performance, the pianist follows a different path through the piece and every decision has consequences for the next sound.

Dante Boon - piano

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