Sat. 26 November 2022 – 20:00
Anne La Berge

Sounding place/empty space #2

MAZE and BUI join forces for a day of adventuresome music

MAZE will perform 5 sets of music where space and time play major roles. The ring of Amsterdam, the architectural plans of Splendor, sound recordings from different neighborhoods, acoustic phenomena and the space within a tone itself will play a important roles. The adventurous ensemble BUI from Utrecht is a guest for both concerts and MAZE will premiere a new work by Fani Konstantinidou.

PROGRAMMA concert 20-22u:
Fani Konstantinidou: New Work (MAZE) 30'
Yannis Kyriakides: Orbital (MAZE & BUI) 25'
Tony Conrad/Reinier van Houdt: Slapping Pythagoras (MAZE) 25'

Anne La Berge - flutes
Gareth Davis - bass clarinet
Dario Calderone - double bass‬‬
Reinier van Houdt - piano, synthesizers‬
Wiek Hijmans - elektric guitar
Yannis Kyriakides - synthesizers

Mees Siderius - ‬percussion
Lucas Kloosterboer - trombone
Koen Boeijinga - woodwinds
Elsa van der Linden - saxophone

Sounding place/empty space #1 & #2
Afternoon programme: 16:00-17:30 uur
Evening programme: 20:00-22:00 uur

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