Fri. 3 February 2023 – 20:00
Tatiana Rosa

Josef Kowalsky

Amsterdam's young generation presents fresh jazz with a twist

Josef Kowalsky is an instrumental jazz project led and composed for by Marta Golka, an Amsterdam-based bass player. The band took its name after the main character of Franz Kafka’s 'The Trial.' Drawing inspiration from Kafka’s skilful mixture of darkness and absurd, Josef Kowalsky inconspicuously incorporates influences from progressive metal and pop into their cross-over jazz tunes.

Josef Kowalsky is a 5-piece band featuring alto saxophone, electric guitar, piano, electric bass and drums, whose music is characterised by an abundance of odd and changing metres, all the while prioritising strong melodies and groove, and remaining approachable in its peculiarity. The band is currently on the way to record their debut EP, expected to come out in the second half of 2023.

Micheal Murray - alto sax
Ante Medić - guitar
Jorge Fernández - piano
Marta Gołka - bass, compositions
Diego Miranda - drums

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