Tue. 16 May 2023 – 20:30
David Dramm

Caffè sospeso

Gritty musical theatre about homeless musicians

[Language: Dutch]

A mother and son, both cellists, have nowhere to perform but the open air. They try to gauge the musical tastes of passersby and adapt their repertoire accordingly. How are they perceived: as two talented musicians, or as two bums? Holding a caffè sospeso (a gifted coffee) in their hands, they cherish a dream of better days. Little by little, the son starts to realise that his mother is stuck in her dire situation, and he makes a radical decision. In search of a better future for the both of them.

Caffè sospeso is a contemporary, light yet gritty piece of musical theatre about homelessness. In a touching, at times comical way, we see two people trying to come to terms with a new reality. New compositions for cello are combined with spoken word, humming, beatboxing and classical music.

Plus: a guest performance by a mystery Splendorite! Caffè sospeso is a production of Stichting Cellosonate i.c.w. OT rotterdam.

cello, acting: **Doris Hochscheid, Harald Austbø **
compositions, musical direction: David Dramm
script, staging: Mirjam Koen
set design: Gerrit Timmers
costumes: Jacqueline de Maat
lighting: Bas Standaar

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