Corona virus - update #5

Dear Splendorfans and visitors,

Until May 19, Splendor will be closed. In this very uncertain and difficult time, we can do nothing but follow the advice and guidelines that are now crucial. And hope we’ll get through it together.

But we thought that we can still make music to share with our members and visitors. In fact, we really like to do that and we think it is very important to do too

For that reason we have revived our Youtube Channel to provide you daily with a mini concert as a musical greeting. These videos are made especially for you by all musicians of Splendor.

A schedule has already been made for these first weeks. A brand new video is released every day at 3 PM via: www.youtube.com/podiumsplendor. If you subscribe you will receive a message every time a new movie is added.

The schedule is as follows:
Mon Mar 16: Wilmar de Visser
Mon Mar 16: Brandt Attema & Dave Kutz
Mon Mar 16: Akim Moiseenkov
Tue Mar 17: Aisling Casey
Wed Mar 18: Maarten Ornstein
Thu 19 Mar: Vasile Nedea & Claron McFadden
Fri 20 Mar: Martin Fondse
Sat 21 Mar: Iris Oltheten
Sun 22 Mar: Felix Schlarmann
Mon 23 Mar: Dave Kutz, Ties Mellema, Maarten Ornstein & Brandt Attema
Tue 24 Mar: Marnix Dorrestein & Willem Wits
Wed 25 Mar: Johan van Iersel & Nuala McKenna
Thu 26 Mar: Mattijs van de Woerd & Vasile Nedea
Fri 27 Mar: Julija Hartig & Dave Kutz
Sat 28 Mar: David Dramm
Sun 29 Mar: Mike Fentross
Mon 30 Mar: Anne La Berge
Tue 31 mrt: Heleen Hulst
Wed 1 Apr: Marieke de Bruijn & Marije Nie
Thu 2 Apr: Gerard Bouwhuis
Fri 3 Apr: Ties Mellema
Sat 4 Apr: Julija Hartig & Paul van Utrechta
Sun 5 Apr: Vasile Nedea & Claron McFadden
Mon 6 Apr: Emi Ohi Resnick
Tue 7 Apr: Sarah Jeffery
Wed 8 Apr: Jan Willem Baljet
Thu 9 Apr: Emily Beynon
Fri 10 Apr: Diamanda Dramm & James Murray
Sat 11 Apr: Wilmar de Visser
Sun 12 Apr: Maarten Ornstein & Mattijs van de Woerd
Mon 13 Apr: Mike Fentross
Tue 14 Apr: Lonneke van Straalen & Tony Roe
Wed 15 Apr: Luke Deane
Thu 16 Apr: remix Mike Fentross door Marnix Dorrestein
Fri 17 Apr: Daria van den Bercken & Akim Moiseenkov
Sat 18 Apr: Ties Mellema
Sun 19 Apr: Dave Kutz, Emi Ohi Resnick, Santiago Cimadevilla
Mon 20 Apr: Joris van Rijn & family
Tue 21 Apr: Julija Hartig & Francien Schatborn
Wed 22 Apr: Santiago Cimadevilla
Thu 23 Apr: Rima Khcheich, Mike Fentross, Maarten Ornstein
Fri 24 Apr: Oene & Luka van Geel
Sat 25 Apr: Vasile Nedea
Sun 26 Apr: Marieke de Bruijn
Mon 27 Apr: Ties Mellema, Maarten Ornstein & Bart de Vrees
Tue 28 Apr: Oene van Geel
Wed 29 Apr: Tanya Bannister, Joachim Müller-Crépon, Emi Ohi Resnick
Thu 30 Apr: Michael Gieler 
Fri 1 May: Marije Nie 
Sat 2 May: Sarah Jeffery & family  
Sun 3 May: Dave Kutz  
Mon 4 May: Wilmar de Visser & Aisling Casey 
Tue 5 May: Francien Schatborn, Fenne & Nynke Scholten
Wed 6 May: Martin Fondse & James Murray  
Thu 7 May: Michiel Weidner & Felix Schlarmann
Fri 8 May: Santiago Cimadevilla
Sat 9 May: Maarten Ornstein, Mike Fentross, Kadri Tegelmann
Sun 10 May: Daria van Bercken & Akim Moiseenkov 
Mon 11 May: Wilmar de Visser & Bart de Kater 
Tue 12 May: Andreas Kühne  
Wed 13 May: Tony Roe   
Thu 14 May: Anne la Berge & Luke Deane  
Fri 15 May: ROctet  
Sat 16 May: Georgy Kovalev & Ella van Poucke  
Sun 17 May: Wilmar de Visser, Felix Schlarmann, Maarten Ornstein  
Mon 18 May: Marieke de Bruijn & Dutch String Collective  
Tue 19 May: Emi Ohi Resnick, Julija Hartig, Maarten Ornstein & Randall Scarlata  
Wed 20 May: Bart de Vrees & Felix Schlarmann  
Thu 21 May: Jawa Manla
Fri 22 May: Emily Beynon, Joël Waterman, Wilmar de Visser, James Murray  
Sat 23 May: Akim Moiseenkov
Sun 24 May: Maarten Ornstein
Mon 25 May: Vasile Nedea & Marije Nie  
Tue 26 May: Michiel Weidner, Janneke van Prooijen & Vasile Nedea  
Wed 27 May: Marnix Dorrestein & Willem Wits    
Thu 28 May: Emily Beynon  
Fri 29 May: Ties Mellema 
Sat 30 May: Marije Nie & Luke Deane  
Sun 31 May: Miro Petkov & Jörgen van Rijen 
Please tune in and enjoy! 

Bought a ticket for a cancelled concert?
The virus has created a major impact, both socially and financially. Anyone who bought a ticket for a cancelled concert can be refunded. We would also like to point out the possibility to donate the amount to Splendor and the musicians since we are dealing with a series of cancellations in the coming months. Your support is very welcome.

Because the staff is working from home, we are not available by phone, but of course you can contact us by email via info@splendoramsterdam.com.

We hope and wish that everyone is doing well and will continue to go well, and that you enjoy our music with pleasure and comfort.

Kind regards,

The 50 musicians of Splendor

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