Fri. 16 February 2024 – 19:30
Michael Moore

Two Amsterdam Trios: LUZ & Moore, Oliver & Scheen

Fresh new music, jazz and folklore played by two Amsterdam-based trios

Ton Felices - bass,
Chen har Even - drums,
Agus Fulka - guitar

Luz is a collective trio based in Amsterdam by Agus Fulka, Ton Felices, and Chen Har-Even. Three very special musical voices with different backgrounds create a unique trio sound: from Spanish, Argentinian, and Israeli folklore to post-human beats, black American music, and improvisation. This trio delivers a fresh new perspective on music and interplay in a sensitive and communicative way. The trio has won the first prize in the prestigious “Prinses Christina Jazz Concours” competition, a recording with New Amsterdam Jazz Foundation

Michael Moore - saxophone/clarinet
Mary Oliver - violin/viola
Michiel Scheen - piano

A premier - violinist Mary Oliver en clarinettist Michael Moore, both longtime stalwarts of Misha Mengelberg’s Instant Composer’s Pool Orchestra will be joined by pianist Michiel Scheen for a set of improvised solos, duets and trios contrasted by Moore’s piece - ‘Line’, a piece which slowly evolves from a single unison melody.

Scheen's work is described as: “Odd twists and sharp angles, post-Monk, post-Mengelberg even” (Frances Davis, The Village Voice, 2004).

Oliver’s work is describe thusly: "Her premiers of new work by John Cage, Richard Barrett, Brian Ferneyhough en Iannis Xenakis are evidence of the level of virtuosity she has reached. Her equally brilliant work as an improviser is a rarity in the ranks of first-rate classical interpreters.” (Austin Music Co-op)

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