Tue. 27 February 2024 – 02:00
Antonii presents:

Night Concert by Orest Smovzh & Antonii Baryshevskyi

Transfer in Amsterdam

—- please note: this concert takes place on the night of Monday to Tuesday. Be on time, after 2 AM no entrance. —-

What do you do when a friend, the fantastic Ukrainian violinist Orest Smovzh, has a transfer of several hours in Amsterdam, between Berlin and Helsinki? Splendor musician/pianist Antonii Baryshevsky invited him for a concert in Splendor in the middle of the night (from Monday 26 to Tuesday 27 February). To make the unusual start time even more tangible: no fewer than 50 contemporary violin pieces by 40 different composers will be played. Strongly inspired by the punk movement of the 80s, Orest calls this 'condensed music': extra short works that do not develop further, that form short intense moments, without pause or breathing space. Antonii takes over the stage with solo piano improvisations, and along the way the sense of time and space is completely erased with Two6, a work for violin and piano by John Cage. A unique opportunity for a time-expanding experience at two in the morning!

Orest Smovzh - viool
Antonii Baryshevskyi - piano

PROGRAMME (±75 minutes):
There will be three sets: 1) extra-short solo violin works that resist development and condense dramaturgy, played by Orest Smovzh; 2) Antonii Baryshevskyi changes the feeling of time and space; 3) Orest and Antonii erase the feeling of time and space.
The musicians will play music by Peter Ablinger, Läjä Äijälä, Kalle Autio, Anna Arkushyna, Phoebe Bógnar, Philip Brownlee, John Cage, Mykhailo Chedryk, Oleksandr Chorny, Christian Diemer, Ray Evanoff, James Gardner, Tristan Heinicke, Marta Haladzhun, Jarkko Hartikainen, Samuel Holloway, Colin Holter, Maksym Ivanov, Evan Johnson, Oleksandra Katsalap, Maxim Kolomiets, Anton Koshelev, Boris Loginov, Thomas Mellan, Adrian Mocanu, Þorkell Nordal, Albert Saprykin, James Saunders, Orest Smovzh, Yana Shliabanska, Lauri Supponen, Serhiy Vilka, Nicholas Vines, Les Vynogradov, Alisa Zaika, Ihor Zavhorodnii, John Zorn, Akim Zvarych, improvisations by Antonii Baryshevskyi

Orest Smovzh is a prominent Ukrainian violinist, who is especially known for his unusual intellectual concert programs. He often commissions works from composers or even performers and puts them in various special contexts.
He is promoting contemporary music and also historically informed performance. Orest collaborated in chamber performances with the members of Orchestre des Champs-Élysées, Suntory Hall Chamber Music Academy, pianists Thomas Hoppe, Albert Tiu, Fazıl Say, cellist Michael Kannen, violinist Vadim Gluzman. As a soloist, he took part in historically informed performances with Masaaki Suzuki in Singapore and USC Baroque Sinfonia in Los Angeles, as well as participated in several outreach projects in Mexico, the USA, and Japan. Orest commissioned and premiered around 60 works from the leading composers of Ukraine, as well as Singapore and the USA.

Antonii & Orest in 2011:

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