Sun. 21 April 2024 – 15:00
Wilbert Bulsink


Origami Workshop or Composition Concert (ArtEZ conservatory).

UNFOLD Origami Workshop or Composition Concert (ArtEZ conservatorium). A unique afternoon of music and art is about to unfold at Splendor! The concert, organized by students of the ArtEZ Conservatory in Zwolle, will showcase their own compositions, complemented by a contribution from Inge Ettema, who will enrich the afternoon with origami. From a conceptual piece exploring the sound of fluorescent tubes to new forms of metal music! Both meditative sounds and loud clarinet glissandos lead to a highly diverse program. The concert includes an intermission, and origami paper is included in the ticket price.

PROGRAM (±60 minutes):
Featuring music by Inge Ettema, Joram van Duijn, Dior de Blois, Iris van der Ende, Ferry Wijma, Pouya Moghadaszadeh, Helmer de Ruiter, Jeandré Tromp, Jorn Ooink, Malena Ludwig, Marius Hagedorn.

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