Mon. 8 April 2024 – 20:30
Oene van Geel

Een nieuw geluid!

Luca, Oene, Philipp en Remco started a new collective band

What do you do when you have enjoyed playing in duo with a number of people? Starting a band with them! This is how Oene started this group, in which it is immediately clear that it is a collective in which everyone has equal input. Our own pieces, own texts, written notes and sounds in the moment. The poetic sound arc is what this band is all about. This is concert number 1! We would love to have you there.

Luca Warmer - vocals (+effects), poems
Oene van Geel - viola, trombone, percussion
Philipp Rüttgers - piano, electronics
Remco Menting - drums, vibraphone, snare drum, resonance singing

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