Fri. 12 July 2024 – 20:00
Sarah Jeffery

Team Recorder: In Concert (LIVE & STREAM)

Conversation concert: beautiful early music on a diverse palette of recorders

A concert in a very special format: a journey through music history told on twenty gorgeous recorders, in Sarah's trademark conversational style! From the tiny garklein to the giant square bass Paetzold recorders, from baroque recorders in D and Bb to Irish flutes. Sarah weaves her tale through her favourite music from early composers such as Bach, Telemann, Van Eyck, Debussy, Couperin, and various medieval music, to contemporary composers such as Steve Reich, Paula Matthusen, Alice Jones, to Sarah herself.

In this concert Sarah is looking forward to showcasing a variety of music through the lens of a delightfully diverse palette of instruments. How can our instrument choice affect not only our sound for the listener, but how it feels to play? She will be able to compare and contrast different recorders, and show in real time our a musician’s choices can help our music to shine.

With 203,000 subscribers on her channel ‘Team Recorder,’ she is one of the foremost ambassadors of the recorder on YouTube and in social media. As a soloist, she is at home in both early and contemporary music, in various genres, and on international stages. We are delighted that ‘Team Recorder’ will be live in Amsterdam. Sarah brings a colorful bouquet of her favorite melodies and preferred recorders, sharing stories from her world in our talk-concert. Look forward to this more than exciting talk-concert!

Sarah Jeffery - recorders

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