Sat. 9 February 2019 – 20:30

David Braid & Oene van Geel

A Toronto-Amsterdam encounter

Oene van Geel has already performed in Splendor with several of his own projects, but this time he brings a special guest along: de Canadian pianist David Braid.

David is one of Canada’s most famous jazz musicians, Juno Award winner, and composer of award-winning film music.

Oene and David’s first meeting was at the Festival of the Sound: an exciting festival set in a beautiful Canadian nature reserve. An immediate click between the two resulted in many subsequent collaborations. They worked as soloists and composers with larger ensembles in Canada and in The Netherlands, but on the most recent tour (Canada 2017) they performed as a duo. During the concert in Splendor they will perform exclusively their own compositions.

Oene about David: ‘I’m a great admirer of David’s compositions. They’re always inventive, have great depth, beautiful melodies and harmonies, and rich contrasts. I find his piano playing exceptional and he inspires me to explore my own limits in the communication. David travels all over the world, has played recently in Hong Kong, Russia, Armenia, Scandinavia, and elsewhere, and I’m extremely happy that he’s taking the time in between to visit Amsterdam. I’m looking forward to our performance together!’