Tue. 9 July 2019 – 20:15

Beethoven NOW

A series of special Beethoven evenings

Why wait for the Big Universal Beethoven Celebration in 2020? Daria van den Bercken organizes this season a series of unique focussed evenings with Beethovens music the way you do not hear it often: string quartets and symphonies played in quatre-mains, the cello sonatas, the piano sonatas...and every concert a composer Beethoven himself admired and revered. It all happens in Splendor Amsterdam!

Daria invites her musical friends from The Netherlands and abroad, and they play on Splendor's new Steinway.

After three episodes from Beethoven Now, in Episode Four we'll focus on the young Beethoven who loved the composer Joseph Haydn, and we'll have a look at the world after Beethoven: The tradition of Beethoven and Haydn was a great inspiration for Johannes Brahms.

Programme July 9th:
Beethoven Vioolsonate op. 12 nr. 1
Beethoven Cellosonate nr. 2 op.5 nr. 2 in g-klein
Brahms vioolsonate nr 2 in A op.100
And works of Joseph Haydn

Daria van den Bercken piano
Tosca Opdam violin
Jan Bastiaan Neven will be replaced by Larissa Groeneveld cello

All concert dates of this series:
September 13th 2018
December 12th 2018
March 6th 2019
July 9th 2019

Photo: Sophia van den Hoek