Sat. 23 November 2019 – 19:30
Anne La Berge

New Emergences presents: Event #20

The Exquisite Corpse > recomposing the body

Join us for the premiere of 'The Exquisite Corpse', a game composition in sound, image, text and movement. It will be created, inspired by the game known from the surrealist art movement, where a completely new body is built out of separately drawn parts. Four musicians, a visual artist and a performance artist enter the game, to generate a score in real-time that explores the discrepancies and frictions between our relationship to our bodies and society’s ideal norms. The inside and the outside.

After the performance there will be a discussion between makers, artists, thinkers and audience, to explore these themes. Less familiar concepts are touched upon, such as androgyny as the surrealist ideal and de-gendering as a means for social justice.

19:30 - 20:15 uur concert
20:15 - 20:30 uur break
20:30 - 22:00 uur panel discussion

Artistic director:
Semay Wu - composer, cellist, sound artist - https://semaywu.com/

Instrument builders:
Semay Wu and
Dan Gibson - sound artist, instrument builder & designer - http://noisesinthenight.com/

Semay Wu
Dan Gibson
Anne Wellmer - composer, performer, media artist - www.nonlinear.demon.nl/
Fani Konstantinidou – composer, sound artist, music researcher - https://www.fanikonstantinidou.com/
Emily Fong - visual artist - http://emilyfongstudio.com/
Sato Endo – choreographer and performance artist - http://sato-endo.blogspot.com/

Panel members:
Emily Fong
Marianna Maruyama – artist working with the body, voice and language http://mariannamaruyama.com
Joan Dee - body modification artist

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Emily Fong - The Confluence