Thu. 3 December 2020 – 21:30
Oene van Geel

Jan-Bas Bollen & Oene van Geel (21:30u)

GUT YOWL and AIR HAMMER strung, plucked and brushed by wandering hands.

Sound choreographer Jan-Bas Bollen and string man par excellence Oene van Geel are heading for a turbulent evening full of live electronica, solo interventions and improvisation duos.

The HyperTheremin, developed by Jan-Bas, which combines “off-the-shelf” touchless sensors with self-written software, enables the development of special timbres within predetermined, composed boundaries that offer plenty of room for improvisation. His groundbreaking, alternative way of playing - in the air, so to speak - constantly demands new strategic choreographies of the hands for specific sounds - and often visuals as well. These designs form the basic material of two Splendor sets with Oene van Geel, always in for adventure, who is eager to interact with Jan Bas.

Oene van Geel - strings, percussion, small electronics
Jan-Bas Bollen - HyperTheremin, Live electronics and visuals

Below some video clips of Bollen and his HyperTheremin.

- Sculpting Hands:

- Short impression for the Uitmarkt:

- Or sit back, relax and enjoy PING. With Jacob Lekkerkerker on HyperOrgan, Live in Orgelpark, 01-02-2020:

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