Sun. 31 October 2021 – 13:00
Tatiana Rosa presents:

No-one Show (13:00)

Immersive VR Music Theatre Experience

Please Note: a Coronatoegangsbewijs is required for this concert. Click here for more information.

No-One Show by Futurists Foundation – Jerzy Bielski i.s.m. Tatiana Rosa & Thomas Brand

In a time where Internet bots and algorithms manage our search engines, control our access to information, and influence how we see the world, we should ask ourselves: is it still possible for artists to be a vital part of a performance? Or is technology already capable of surpassing people in that capacity?

No-One Show takes you on a virtual, audio-visual journey around a world dominated by codes and algorithms, with the aim to discover the essence of being human. Immerse yourself in semi-virtual parallel realities and witness an thrilling competition between people and artificial intelligence. Join Jerzy Bielski and his collaborators / other Futurists: versatile sound artist/programmer Tatiana Rosa and an outstanding film maker Thomas Brand, in a quest to save the human soul.

No-One Show is a combination between a 360° film and an interactive live performance; an immersive experience that you must experience! More about No-One Show and the Futurists Foundation at www.futurists.nl or follow us on social media @futurists.foundation.

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