Fri. 1 July 2022 – 20:30 Tickets Keti Koti night 


Poets and spoken word artists are matched with musicians to share spontaneous creations

This concert is part of Keti Koti @Splendor: three great sets filled with music from around the world, to celebrate the liberation from slavery together!

BYMEKAAR is a concert series revolving around spontaneous encounters of spoken word and music. Every two months, Splendor musician and highly creative sound artist Marc Alberto and eclectic performance artist and poet Sjaan Flikweert bring together poets, spoken word artists and musicians to share spontaneous creations and wondrous encounters live on stage. A space for play, experiment and discovery that is open and accessible to anyone, and where spontaneous word and music performances bring artists and audiences closer together.

Website Bymekaar

Bymekaar #3 - Th 28/04 - 20:30
Bymekaar #4 - Fr 01/07 - 20:30 (KETI KOTI SPECIAL)
Bymekaar #5 - Fr 05/08 - 20:30 (PRIDE SPECIAL)
Bymekaar #6 - Sun 02/10 - 14:00
Bymekaar #7 - Sun 04/12 - 14:00

Click here to buy tickets. Your ticket is valid all night, so you can also attend the other two sets of this mini-festival:

(THIS IS) OUR STORY: A musical journey from Mozart to the Moluccan tiff drums.
Schoch Kwartet (with musicians from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra)
Shakuar (Shishani Vranckx's mesmerising ensemble)
Tiga Batang Rumah (magical tiff drums from the Moluccas)
Click here for more info.

BERIMA AMO & ALL STARS BAND: Highlife & open jam session
Authentic West African dance music.
Click here for more info.


Ticket A €20.00
Ticket B €15.00
Ticket C €10.00
Ticket D €5.00
Ticket E €2.50
Tickets Keti Koti night 

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