Sun. 1 May 2022 – 20:30
Anne La Berge

Anne La Berge and VENI

Slovakian contemporary and impro ensemble returns to Splendor

After two years, the Slovakian VENI Ensemble returns to Splendor. Today we will experience this remarkable group of energetic contemporary and impro musicians from Bratislava in collaboration with Splendor flutist (and equally energetic contemporary and impro musician) Anne La Berge. With their mutual musical backgrounds and passions, it's no surprise that they are old friends and dear colleagues. The concert will start with a quintet version of Anne's work RAW, in which the musicians will be asked to improvise on unfinished musical material, and to collectively create a work in real time as they are given ongoing random choices to make. In the second half we will mostly hear compositions by VENI Ensemble's artistic leader Daniel Matej, with a number of his electronic “ritornellos” serving as a throughline.

A VENI concert is no everyday experience: these intriguing musicians don't regard a concert as a “show” of various compositions and performances – which the audience “appreciates” with varying degrees of applause – but rather as a deep immersion into the undisturbed flow of music. This resonates with the traditional Oriental understanding of art as a means of (in John Cage's words) "calming our minds and hearts, and adapting them to perceive divine influences".

This concert is supported by public funds of the Slovak Arts Council.

VENI Ensemble:
Ronald Šebesta clarinet
Milan Osadský accordeon
Andrej Gál violoncello
Daniel Matej artistic leader, laptop, amplified objects, voice, electronics
Anne La Berge flute, electronics

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