Sat. 4 June 2022 – 20:00
Luke Deane

SJF Trio Live

New radical free improvisation from Canada, Italy and Germany.

Traditional jazz, contemporary classical, electro-acoustics and noise: the free improvisation trio SJF Trio effortlessly blends these radically different approaches to music. Clarinettist and saxophonist Edith Steyer (Germany) – with roots in jazz and contemporary classical music – investigates the boundaries of her instrument, enriched with an interest in ethnic music, electronic devices and theatre. Composer and improvisor Dominic Jasmin explores the fusion of fixed media and spontaneous compositions, entering into a dialogue through free improvisation and advanced electronic techniques – creating what has been described as “structured noise”. Guitarist, composer, improvisor and teacher Pietro Frigato (Italy) – also performing in Splendor on June 2nd – explores the boundaries of music and the framework of perception using distortion, compression and free improvisation.

Dominic Jasmin - live electronics
Edith Steyer - reeds and preparations
Pietro Frigato - guitars

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