Thu. 20 April 2023 – 20:00
Wilbert Bulsink

A taste for modern music

Ensemble ArtEZ Moderne plays modern classics

ArtEZ Moderne takes you to another world and presents a personal experiment full of modern music: a combination of own compositions, improvisations and arrangements of classics by Schoenberg, Webern, Eisler, Stravinsky, Cage and Kagel with the purpose to open the ears for non-traditional sonorities.

ArtEZ Moderne consists of young ambitious students who want to discover the world of modern music and who want to give this music a new place on the stages. The musicians got to know each other trough the ArtEZ Conservatory in Zwolle. The music is arranged by musicians of the ensemble and the music of 100 years ago gets a new place between improvisations and a group-composed ‘Graphic Suite’. Come and listen to a exciting and personal combination of old and new sounds.

ArtEZ Moderne:
Adrián Antonanzas (viola)
Dior de Blois (piano)
Cynthia Cooiman (vocals)
Diego Dijkmans (piano)
Elisabeth Kleinmeijer (saxophone)
Raphael Orfanides (trumpet)
Geert Pfeiffer (double bass)
Tristán Matamoros (violin)
Peter-Marc Dijks (conductor)

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