Thu. 20 October 2022 – 20:30

Bits & pieces - Live & Streaming

With Orphax & De Grove Korrel & Trio Konstantinidou, Rosa, La Berge

Bits & Pieces is part of ADE 2022 and is curated by composer David Dramm.

The performances will be streamed on newmusicnow.nl, thé digital platform for New Music.

“I make music that buzzes in your head.” Under his Orphax-moniker, Sietse van Erve wields his minimalist music as a stream-of-consciousness manifestation, forging sound from electronic and acoustic instruments, other people’s compositions morphed beyond recognition and/or lo-fi droning loops. An Orphax performance prompts the listener to expand their own headspace to awesome, uncharted domains. van Erve is also founder of the cutting edge label Moving Furniture.
Sietse van Erve - Electronics

Trio Konstantinidou, Rosa, La Berge (electronics, visuals, improv)
Performing as a trio especially for ADE, these three multi-disciplinary mavericks work at the extreme boundaries of sound, image and text. Environmental soundscapes and fragmented language of Fani Konstantinidou, the captivating visuals and mesmerizing sound textures of Tatiana Rosa meet the ferocious and far-reaching virtuosity of experimental music and flute pioneer La Berge. This promises to be an unique and special contribution to ADE.
Fani Konstantinidou
Tatiana Rosa
Anne La Berge

De Grove Korrel
Unpredictable electronics and crisp piano playing pit against each other in solos and duos.
What happens when two composers from two different worlds are confronted with each other? The black and white keyboard of Guus Janssen and the knobs and plugs of Huib Emmer. What you get are intermittent waves of tension and harmony, a mixture of background noise, tones, pulses and voices. The chemistry of the unexpected, the unstable, reigns supreme. What we hear is the wide grid, stripped of extraneous aesthetics.
Guus Janssen - keys
Huib Emmer - live electronics

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