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Heleen Hulst

Van Swieten Society

London: the great musical empire

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This concert will take place in de Uilenburgersjoel - Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 91

The Van Swieten Society is a collective of instrumentalists with a passion for music from the classical and early romantic period. They are named after the Baron Van Swieten (born in 1733), a passionate and highly active music lover – and friend of composers such as Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven – who was one of the first to programme and promote 'early music'. But the collective doesn't limit itself to the famous masterpieces of this period: like detectives, they dig further into the less well-known works of unrightfully forgotten geniuses.

”The Van Swieten Society fits right in with heroes such as Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Morse and Scott & Bailey. They find themselves in places everyone thought they knew, and dig up details that had escaped everyone's attention. The Van Swieten Society is the most successful Cold Case Team of the classical music.” - Reinen Dercksen

The detective-work also expresses itself in the historical instruments that are played, and the deepening into the interpretation and expression of the time in which the pieces were written. The programmes are explained elaborately during the concerts, so there is also a lot to learn!

London: the great musical empire
At the end of the 18th century London was by far world’s largest city. In the British Empire the sun never went down. Because of the industrial revolution (started in England), one of the richest middleclass arose and the nobility handed over more and more privileges, among other music, to avoid a popular uprising as in France. This gave room to the breeding ground of the most briljant and lively musical climax in Europe.

Händel Ouverture in D HWV 137
Clementi Fluittrio opus 31 nr 1 in F
Ignaz Pleyel Pianotrio in D B.445
Dussek Fluittrio in C opus 21
Haydn/Salomon Symfonie nr. 99 in Es

Kate Clark - flute
Heleen Hulst & Ivan Iliev - violin
Elisabeth Smalt - viola
Diederik van Dijk - cello
Bart van Oort - fortepiano

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This concert will take place in de Uilenburgersjoel - Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 91


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