Thu. 9 February 2023 – 20:30
Oene van Geel

The Stangers' strange songs

Korean traditional music reinterpreted in various ways

Serene & Sarang is the name of a Korean music duo who plays Korean traditional music in their own musical language: It means their songs are not like ordinary style even in Korea. They call themselves “the strangers”, for they think that their music can’t be categorized to any existing genre; especially in the Korean typical music scene.

They met in Holland in early 2017 and sometimes played together in small concerts during their stay in NL. However they themselves knew that each of them had a home to go back to in Korea, and after years they finally met again in Seoul. And now, celebrating their first visit to the Netherlands as artists after COVID-19, they’re about to start showing their newly reinterpreted Korean ethnic music to the world introducing their debut album released on the 9th Feb, 2023.

Serene Kim: vocals
Sarang H. Lee: piano
Speciale gast: Oene Van Geel (viola, percussion)

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