Sun. 26 March 2023 – 14:30
Marc Alberto presents:


Poets, spoken word artists are matched with musicians to share spontaneous creations

BYMEKAAR is a concert series revolving around spontaneous encounters of spoken word and music. Every two months, Splendor musician and highly creative sound artist Marc Alberto and eclectic performance artist and poet Sjaan Flikweert bring together poets, spoken word artists and musicians to share spontaneous creations and wondrous encounters live on stage. A space for play, experiment and discovery that is open and accessible to anyone, and where spontaneous word and music performances bring artists and audiences closer together.

Website Bymekaar

Marc Albert, Sjaan Flikweert and many surprise guests!

Sliding scale tickets: €2,50 - €5 - €10 - €15 - €20
Open to everyone, pay what you can!
There is no difference in price categories, you can decide where you’d like to sit upon arrival.

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