Wed. 28 June 2023 – 20:00
Moving Strings presents:

Gathering Fantasies - TRYOUT

Turning the exception into the rule and celebrates otherness with 4 new compositions-choreographies

Moving Strings is thrilled to invite you to their new performance 'Gathering Fantasies ~ Homage to otherness'.
It turns the exception into the rule and celebrates otherness; its acceptance, the challenges it poses, its failures and limitations.

Painful truths and a history that cannot be escaped, alongside the freedom it holds
Spirals that subvert hierarchy
A groove that connects bodies
The uncensored female voice
Redefining, finding and fighting boundaries and borders

A reality of differences through a performative sequence of four new works. Each piece is a manifestation of Moving strings extensive research into the (re)connection of sound and movement through the body. A combination of music and choreography where sound and movement influence each other, reflecting realities on the continuum between whole and its particles. From experimental sound practices to catchy tunes, lyrical songs and spiraling harmonies, folky melodies gone bad and repetitive rhythmic messages; we take on the mission to present a fluid way of being. With the act of listening as our premise, we meet the audience where our individual and collective othernesses might be a source of connection.

Pulse - Alex Welch
A wave will come - Irene Sorozabal
Maelstrom - Manuela Tessi
Stagnant Water, Gathering Fantasies, Round and Round - Maya Felixbrot - Maya Felixbrot

About the pieces 'Pulse', by Alex Welch: This score explores the ways in which a musical pulse comes into being, how it is assimilated into the body and how it moves in space. A changing pattern creates a shared feeling, in both players and audience alike. There is propulsion and stillness, ebb and flow. Sounds moves and movement sounds as both players and audience are immersed in a constantly transforming texture.

'A wave will come' by Irene Sorozábal frees the female voice from censorship and allows it to break out, with a scream, a sigh, a song and a whisper. Irene Sorozábal, a vocal soloist with a chorus of movement and string performers (as in Greek tragedy), invites the audience into a world which explores and challenges the physicality of emotional expression in European performance history

'Maelstrom' by choreographer Manuela Tessi, researches the concept of the spiral. With somatic choreography (from within the body), this work enters the depth of the spiral and explores the human body in relation to musical instruments. It's a layered research that subverts hierarchical structures and proposes another way of organizing our world.

And lastly, Maya Felixbrot’s trilogy, 'Stagnant Water, Gathering Fantasies, Round and Round', contemplates the overarching theme of borders and boundaries. It draws connections between the geographical and psychological, individual and collective, personal and political, emotional and physical. Stagnant Water is about limited freedom, Gathering Fantasies is a naive dream about peace and love awoken to protest and Round and Round refuses to put up with loneliness while struggling with a sense of community, and vice versa.

About Moving Strings
Imagine you are at an exhibition and suddenly the paintings and sculptures wake up and come to life. The colors, shapes and textures, the visual structures become three-dimensional through sound and movement, telling stories in the dimension of time and space. This is what a Moving Strings creation might resemble. Moving Strings is a platform for the research of sound and movement, in creative as well as educational context, working together since 2018. We are a (non-hierarchical) creative performing ensemble, creating our own work and performing it in both conventional and non-conventional spaces. We collaborate with musicians, choreographers and artists; We hold regular research sessions (Play As We Are and Body and Sound workshops), workshops and creative laboratories and teach in both academic and non-academic institutes.

Moving Strings are:
Alex Welch, Noor Kohne, Maya Felixbrot - Viola,
Geerte de Koe - Violin,
Irene Sorozábal - Voice / Recorders,
Camille Verhaak - Clarinet,
Jonathan Nagel - Double bass,
Aina Fort - Saxophone,
Manuela Tessi - Choreographer

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