Thomas Myrmel

Composer at Amsterdam's hotspot for musical discovery

Thomas Myrmel is a composer that applies his compositional techniques to not only music, but also to text, dance, film and visual media. Together with Anat Speigel, Thomas formed the experimental rock group Controllar.

He also jumps in on a regular basis to do tech during events in Splendor.

'In Splendor, things are possible that can't happen anywhere else. Around here, business as usual is very unusual. It's a place where the border between public and musician becomes fuzzy.'


In 2011, the electronic duo Controllar (Thomas Myrmel & Anat Spiegel) was searching for a location to shoot the video-clip for their latest single Quarantine. During the preparations for filming, Stichting Splendor received the keys for the Bathhouse AND gave Controllar permission to use the rough and raw building for their filming location!

Together with Hugo Herrera Tobon and Eric de Clercq, Controller Stormed into the empty building, exploring all the strange deserted corners, listening intently for the history seeping from the pores of the walls of the empty shell. It was a challenge to film in such a building, without electricity, without water, a truly deserted structure. From the moment that the first melody echoed through the empty walls was the joy apparent, the beginning of the beautiful chapter known as Splendor.