Splendor 10 years! Sonic Circus in Carré, Sept 23

On the cusp of a decade, we, a wonderfully varied group of 50 top musicians, have been running our clubhouse in the heart of Amsterdam. Countless musical styles find their way to the Splendor stage: classical, jazz, pop, impro, world music and everything in between and beyond. And preferably at the same time, because for us playing together is why it all started.

In the weekend 22, 23 and 24 September we celebrate 10 years of Splendor. Tonight with Splendor's Sonic Circus in Carré!

It will be an unforgettable, colorful and musically all-encompassing spectacle. An evening in which all musical strains pass in review, from the intensely intimate to the wildly boisterous. Soaring strings and winds in the circus ring and infectious pop on the main stage. A singer sings to you, almost in your lap. Spectacularly thumping pop makes Carré quake. You can't get any closer to the music than this.

Greatest hits and forgotten gems can be heard alongside brand new compositions and arrangements, written especially for this occasion. Music without a safety net, as only Splendor can. Come and see, come and hear!

Entrance to Carré is free for Splendor members!
Choose how you want to contribute to our anniversary:
- reserve a member ticket and decide on your contribution
- bring a guest, we will make sure you can sit next to each other
donate and help us make this anniversary and a bright future possible
- spread the word!

Not a member? Order via Carré.
Or: Become a member of Splendor too! Read all about it here.

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