Fri. 19 April 2024 – 20:00
Thomas Myrmel

Monotak - Broken Telephone

Monotak's audio/visual chain composition! New forms of creation in times of insecurity.

Where do composers get their inspiration from? How does image relate to sound? Or vice versa? To explore these questions, Monotak set up the experiment as follows: A composer writes 7'11" music that is sent to a visual artist. The images she made are then delivered to the next composer, who merely uses the images to create a new 7'11" music, which is sent to a new sculptor. go. Ultimately, all these pieces are linked together and performed by the Monotak collective!

Anat Spiegel
Bart de Vrees
Florian de Backere
Henry Vega
Eric de Clercq
Ivo Bol
Thomas Myrmel
Paul Glazier
Wilbert Bulsink
Dirk Bruinsma
Nico Wandel
with speciae guests: Allan Segall and Marit Shalem

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