Sun. 26 May 2024 – 15:00
Aisling Casey

Idomeneo - Koning van Kreta

A captivating story about love, sacrifice, and divine justice

This musical story based on the opera 'Idomeneo' offers a refreshing and contemporary performance of one of Mozart's great classics. Inspired by Frank Groothof's adaptation, the story will be performed by the Fika Quintet in combination with narrator and tenor Milan de Korte and soprano Levy Pletting. The Fika Quintet takes on a dynamic role by supporting the story on stage in both musical and visual ways. Altogether, the ensemble tries to blur the boundaries between classical music, opera, and musical theater.

Milan de Korte (Tenor)
Levy Pletting (Soprano)

Fika Kwintet:
Ivet Serra i Aynó (Flute)
Eloi Cid Pérez (Oboe)
Sam Kuijper (Horn)
Konstantin Simon (Bassoon)
Neus Molero i Beneito (Clarinet)

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