Wed. 18 September 2019 – 20:00

Trio Escapada & Omar Mollo

Escapada Songbook

What would happen if virtuoso musicians from The Netherlands, Argentina and Hungary got together and explored areas off the beaten path? If they let classical, jazz and tango merge? You would get an unprecedented musical adventure.

The members of Trio Escapada each contribute their musical lives, with roots in jazz, classical and modern music. They are joined by Argentinian star Omar Mollo, a rock and tango legend in his own country.

While jamming and improvising together, they create a fusion of tango, rock, and their own compositions. Adding their own arrangements of Brazilian music and Piazzolla tangos, they create a songbook, in which the songs are connected by intense rhythms, surprising improvisations, poetic layers, and most importantly, the fun they have playing togther.

Emma Breedveld - violin
Bence Huszar - cello
Sebas van Delft - piano
Omar Mollo - voice, guitar