Tue. 26 April 2022 – 20:30
Anne La Berge

Maguire/La Berge met Fani Konstantinidou

An evening of mesmerising electro-acoustic music

Three exceptional sound artists join forces in an evening of mesmerising electro-acoustic music. For years, the duo of flutist Anne La Berge (US/NL) and sound artist Phil Maguire has been a regular at Splendor, and today they are joined by composer and sound artist Fani Konstantinidou (GR/NL) as a guest artist.

Fani Konstantinidou is a composer interested in the sonic imprints of cultural, cross-cultural, and social identities. Her work is characterised by urban and rural sonic environments, spoken language, culturally associated musical instruments, and computer generated sounds. She produces shifting sonic textures that circulate between drones, noise, arhythmic melodies and atonal rhythms. Her most recent releases are the album Binnentuinklanken (collaboration with Mayke Haringhuizen), and her solo album Winter Trilogy/The Big Fall released by Moving Furniture Records.

The musical partnership between Anne La Berge and Phil Maguire has included ongoing musical and video collaborations including concerts and releases in both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Their work has been described as experimental within the electro-acoustic musical style. They play at volume levels much softer than mainstream electronic music and the acoustic instrument in their duo is an electronically processed flute. They enjoy playing for relatively small audiences where the intimacy of detailed sonic textures and slow-moving soundscapes is shared by everyone in the room. They have performed at Hundred Years Gallery in London and POM in Eindhoven, and like to name their works after cities.

Fani Konstantinidou electronics
Phil Maguire electronics
Anne La Berge flute and electronics

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