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Your donation will help us get through this difficult time, thank you in advance!

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Splendor welcomes individuals and businesses to join us in building an innovative initiative based on excellence, good will and unique musical entrepreneurship.

Donations and Sponsors

In addition to yearly membership contributions, the running of Splendor requires additional financial support in the form of donations for its activities. Every euro goes directly into making Splendor the extraordinary musical hub that it is.

And as if that’s not enough, Splendor’s ANBI-status can turn annual donations into extremely attractive tax deductions.

For substantial contributors, Splendor pays interest by doing what we do best: making music! We offer you a private concert in our unique building or on location in your business or home. Are you interested in joining us to realize the unique dream that is Splendor? Contact us at anbi@splendoramsterdam.com and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Want to make a direct donation?

Your gift is tax-deductible since Splendor has non-profit ('Cultural ANBI') status (RSIN 822242448). Just make your transfer to bank account NL67 TRIO 0254 8017 30 under the name Stichting Splendor. The BIC or SWIFT code is TRIONL2U.


At Splendor’s inception 250 bonds were issued to cover the costs of the renovation and interior refurbishment of the old, very special bathhouse that had seen better days. As a sign of solidarity and commitment, the fifty Splendor musicians purchased the first fifty bonds themselves.

Within record time more than 120 individuals and businesses followed their lead and all remaining bonds were issued.

Interest paid out in music

Bond investors received their benefits in the form of music. The interest for investing in a €1000 bond is a house concert from one Splendor musician; for two bonds you’ll have a duo, for four bonds a (string) quartet and for forty-five bonds you can have a Beethoven Symphony in your living room or office space! Watch here for any news on future bond issues.

Converting your bond into a donation

A number of investors have converted their bonds into an ANBI tax-deductible donation. In many cases our investors donate the tax break to Splendor; the net amount remains the same for the giver, while Splendor acquires a larger and much needed contribution to insure its future. Thinking of converting your Splendor bond(s) as well? Contact us at anbi@splendoramsterdam.com.