Fri. 19 January 2024 – 20:30

Mediterraneo band - to Athens

Istanbul Midnight - from Turkey to Greece

"To Athens" is a captivating world music concert celebrating the cultural and musical connections between Turkey and Greece as the second episode of the Istanbul Midnight project. This performance features a 60-minute musical suite that showcases the exchange of Greek and Turkish instrumental and vocal traditions, including Rebetiko and classical Ottoman music.

Rebetiko, a genre born in Athens and Istanbul, is a fusion of musical styles, drawing from Byzantine, Turkish, Armenian, Jewish, and Arabic influences. The Mediterraneo band, formed in 2021 in the Netherlands, unites six talented musicians from diverse Mediterranean countries, including Syria, Turkey, and Greece, who share a deep passion for music and a profound knowledge of Mediterranean musical traditions.

The band offers a unique blend of classical and contemporary Arabic, Greek, and Turkish compositions, incorporating Western instruments into the rich world of Makam music. Their backgrounds in jazz, Western classical, and modal traditions add a modern touch to this mesmerizing musical journey.

This project is sponsored by AFK

Mediterraneo band:
Pelagia Tsiachri: vocals
Burak Savas: vocals & violin
Caner Malkoc: clarinet
Yiorgos Bereris: piano
Ektoras Remsak: drums
Ayman Hajjmian: double bass

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